Sports & Fitness


Sunday  09.00-12.00
Indoor shooting, Oct - May.
Contact: Bob Warrington 01753 883486

Badminton for adults

Wednesday 10.00-12.00 & 13.30-15.00
All year round activity for experienced players.
All fees paid in advance.
Enquiries: 01494 775190

Sunday Badminton
Sunday 20.00-22.00
Contact: Sally Hamilton 01494 783664

Chesham Pioneers Bowls Club

Friday 10.00-13.00
For partially sighted and blind bowlers.
New members welcome - all levels.
Weekly fee applies. September to Easter.
Enquiries: 01494 775190 or
Margaret Stickland 01494 431698

Keep Fit (over 40s)

Thursday 14.00-15.00
A fun class designed for those who want to stay active and maintain mobility.
Enquiries: 01494 775190


Wednesday 19.30-21.30
Non-aggressive self-defence
Contact: Chris Dolling 07778 265622

Over 50s Bowls

Monday 13.00-17.00
Thursday 10.00-13.00
Indoor short mat bowls


Monday 11.00-12.00
with Trish in the Main Hall

Shorinji Kempo

SATURDAY 11am-12pm
Martial arts for children
Contact: Gabriella 07841012213

Table Tennis and Short Tennis

Monday 13.00-16.00
Wednesday 13.00-17.00
Short tennis and table tennis.
Weekly fee applies.
Enquiries: 01494 775190

U3A Bowls Group

Friday 14.00-16.00
Open to members of U3A. Involves tactics and some skill, though not taken seriously. New members welcome. Weekly fee applies
Contact: Edmund Hall 01494 763627

Vivre Fitness

Monday  09.30-10.30 Aerobi-tone
Tuesday 09.30-10.30 Dance aerobics
Tuesday 19.30-20.30 Core ball
Tuesday 20.30–21.30 Step and Sweat
Friday     09.30-10.30 Stretch and Relax
Contact: Heather Blakeborough 07812 078401