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We would appreciate any help be it volunteering, a few hours of your time or donations to keep this wonderful community centre running.


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Maintenance, fundraising and volunteering

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You can donate here, we are grateful for any amount.

As the building is now over 100 years old it has been necessary for the Trustees and committee members to raise significant funds to cover internal and external repairs.  Continued refurbishment and ongoing maintenance is inevitable in a building of this age.

A building surveyor has been employed by the Trustees to oversee the preservation of the building and particularly the replacement of a section of the roof, drains and gutters.  The work required and estimates for the work on one roof will be in the region of £50,000.  It has been a delicate balance to get the work done while keeping the building open as much as possible, avoiding cancelling events and classes.

During this year we have raised funds towards decorating rooms, replacing chairs and installing new LED lighting.  Grants have been received by various local organisations and paid for the refurbishment of the Lobby and installation of automatic opening doors.  One of our members wrote to all other members with an appeal for donations towards repairs of the roof and drains.  This has happily brought in over £8,500.

We would appreciate any help with continuing to provide a Community Centre for everyone to enjoy and use for the foreseeable future. We would be grateful for any help, be it volunteering, a few hours of your time or donations. Just contact the Centre office and speak to our friendly staff.

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